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5 Cravings That Could Signal a Health Condition

Sometimes you crave something sweet when you’re feeling particularly stressed. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a salty snack or want a cold and creamy treat. These cravings are normal, but other times, obsessing about certain foods may mean your body is trying to tell you something. Talk to your doctor about these, or any other, intense and unexplained cravings: 1. Craving: Water May Signal: Diabetes Sure, you could just be a little dehydrated and need a tall glass or two of water. But if you’re feeling thirsty all day…

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Tamar lost 118 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Tamar lost 118 pounds. Her motivation was her daughter, whom she never wanted to put in the position to have to care for her due to her unhealthy choices. After 1 year and 6 months of eating healthy food and walking, this 42-year-old feels fantastic. What was your motivation? My name […] Related posts: Jasmine lost 60 pounds Tiffany lost 57 pounds Brittney lost 86 pounds

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5 Tips for Dining Out While On Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss shouldn’t be a lonely journey, but it can feel that way at times. One of those times is when you are dining out but you the only one eating healthy.  Questions about your eating habits, people trying to get you to jump off the clean eating wagon and watching your friends eat what […] Related posts: 3 Day Meatless Meal Plan Energy Balance: I eat a healthy diet, but I still can’t lose weight. 5 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

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Mom confessions

   (A pack of adhesive mustaches = hours of fun) Hi friends! Happy almost-Friday! I’m so happy you guys enjoyed yesterday’s podcast episode. Please check it out here if ya missed it! A while ago, I posted some mom confessions (and some hacks) and loved reading all of your comments. For today I have some more confessions to share (my hack game is weak lately but confessions run aplenty). – The Descendants 2 and Zombies soundtracks are LIT. (Do people still say that?) I think my kitchen dance moves are too, until…

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The Best Leather Boots to Wear This Fall

Autumn: It seems like every year this season pops up out of nowhere, tightening its pumpkin spice-flavored grip across the northern hemisphere. But no matter how you slice it, you’re gonna have to gear up those feet with some reliable footwear. And what better way to defend your dogs than leather boots. For the guys who won’t allow rain, snow, sleet, and everything in between stop them in their tracks (or you just want some stylish boots to wear), here are a few of the best leather boots for men to…

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Gerard Butler on Living on a Submarine and Bringing Authenticity to ‘Hunter Killer’

Two summers ago, the USS Houston, a Los Angeles-class attack submarine, made way out of the naval base at Pearl Harbor with a special guest aboard. Gerard Butler remembers standing on the deck with the boat’s captain, Commander Scott McGinnis, taking in the view and inhaling the sweet Hawaiian air before experiencing his first submarine dive. How Action Star Gerard Butler Got Back in the Saddle “The captain passed me a cigar,” says Butler over coffee at the Essex House in New York City. “I decided not to say I’m…

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5 Things You Should Know About Getting the Flu Shot This Year

Pumpkin spice, sweaters, falling leaves—and the flu. With the change of season comes an increased risk of getting sick, but aside from washing your hands frequently, eating well, and staying hydrated, there’s one other method that will help you avoid the bug this year: getting your flu shot. In fact, it’s your best bet for staying healthy, says Dr. Roger Lovell, M.D., and infectious disease specialist at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center in Georgia. “The flu vaccine remains the best way to prevent flu and its serious complications,” he says. “Even…

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