Mae lost 60 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Mae lost 60 pounds. Being in her early twenties, she didn’t want to spend the years ahead of her dealing with unhealthy eating habits, low self-esteem and health problems. Intermittent fasting, healthy eating habits, and high-intensity interval training worked for her. Check out her journey. What was your motivation? What inspired […] No related posts.

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Jason Momoa Covers Our 2018 Gear of the Year Issue 

No one’s going to have a more epic December than Jason Momoa. For our new 2018 Gear of the Year Issue—on stands everywhere this week—we threw tomahawks, climbed rock walls, and hung out with the adventurous action hero and Aquaman star before his new film hits theaters December 21. “It’s probably the character I’ve played that’s most like me,” he told writer Marissa Stephenson.     For our Gear of the Year, we spent 365 days testing every new product we could get our hands on. From Ducati’s 158-horsepower Multistrada 1260 S street bike to Suunto’s…

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Jason Momoa Is a Real American Badass

SHOULD I TRIGGER PREMATURE LABOR hurling this ax, at least I know that Jason Momoa’s catcher’s-mitt hands are here to help deliver the baby. This is what I’m thinking as I stand next to the hulking 6’4” actor, both of us eyeing his makeshift wooden target. Momoa is explaining the allure of throwing an ax, the sense of satisfaction and catharsis he gets from the thunk of a blade sinking into a wall, the testosterone boost he believes it delivers.     But I’m behind a beat—probably because I am…

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7 Awesome Under Armour Kicks for Under $150—Just in Time for Black Friday

Smart cars, smart watches—with everything else is smarter than you these days, why not get some smart sneakers? With their ultra-light weight, app connectivity, and fitness-tracking features, Under Armour’s zero-gravity HOVR shoes are all the rage in the running world. Now, UA’s HOVR technology has expanded into fitness, er, “sportstyle,” and basketball shoes—and we couldn’t be more psyched. They’re all super light, but it’s the compression mesh energy web with HOVR foam that contains the impact and gives back the energy you put in. The result is zero gravity energy…

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Busy Week? 11 Piping Hot, One Dish Meals

Busy weeknight meals shouldn’t be a challenge–and they shouldn’t be an excuse to fall off of the wagon, either. Nutrisystem has a collection of recipes that require no more than one dish. Convenient and easy, minimal clean up? Yes, please! All of these one dish meals follow Nutrisystem’s flex meal guidelines, incorporating the perfect portion of SmartCarbs and PowerFuels. Recipes balanced with protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates are the key to keeping you on your weight loss plan for a lifetime, and enjoying it, too! One pan. One pot. One…

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Jeff Tweedy Has No Desire to Save Rock & Roll

JEFF TWEEDY THINKS THE ENDING IS ALL WRONG. The singer and songwriter for the band Wilco leans forward on a black leather sofa, set before a large recording-studio console, in the group’s cavernous northwest Chicago loft. The space, stacked to the ceiling with vintage amps, drums, and guitars, doubles as the band’s studio and rehearsal space, and it’s the closest thing to an office that Tweedy, who began releasing records with his first band, Uncle Tupelo, in 1990, has ever known. “I still kind of regret one edit at the end…

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