Brittnee lost 85 pounds

Brittnee lost 85 poundsTransformation of the Day: Brittnee lost 85 pounds. 5 and a half years ago, her health issues were mounting. Low self-esteem and insecurities were also a part of this mom’s daily struggle. By working out and eating clean, she released the weight. Fitness has become her passion. Check out her story. No related... Read More »

Run to the Finish Podcast 106

Today I’m talking with Amanda from Run to the Finish. She recently had to face one of the biggest fears for most runners – whether or not to have surgery after battling a knee injury for a long time. She tried everything first – went to multiple doctors, researched other options and finally went under... Read More »

Friday Faves

Friday FavesHi friends! Happy Friday! Hope you’re having a lovely morning. What are you up to this weekend? I’ve been chilling in the house with P for a couple of days after she came down with conjunctivitis. (Preschool germs strike again.) We got her antibiotic drops (which have been a treat to give to her, let... Read More »

The Best iPad Deals on Amazon

The Best iPad Deals on AmazonAndroid might dominate the worldwide smartphone arena, but the Apple iPad is still the number one tablet on the market. And right now you can get a great deal on an iPad. Here are some of the best iPad deals we found for the month of March. No matter if you want to do some... Read More »

Customize and Personalize Your Protein Powder With Gainful

Let’s be clear: There is no “best protein powder.”  There is, however, a protein powder that’s best for you, and for your needs. Losing weight? Building muscle? Lactose intolerant? Vegan? Try Gainful custom-made protein powder. Gainful calculates the exact ratio of ingredients you need to reach your goals and delivered a monthly supply of custom-made... Read More »

These Shoes Are the Best for Lifting Weights

What are the best gym shoes for weightlifting? The answer is purely subjective. The last thing you want while hoisting a 200-pound barbell over your head is feeling unstable or off-balance. Fortunately, there are plenty of great weightlifting shoes to choose from these days. The best part is, you don’t even need lift-specific shoes for... Read More »

Brittany lost 51 pounds

Brittany lost 51 pounds, going from a size 16 to a size 12. This single mom was tired of being unhappy and feeling unhealthy. On her journey, she learned how to take care of herself and put herself first. Check out how she took action. No related... Read More »

Alt-Rock Icon Stephen Malkmus on His New Album, Frat Life, and Bernie Bashers

Stephen Malkmus has finally put down the guitar. After kicking around the idea of recording an electronic album for the better part of five years, the 52-year-old songwriter and former front man of Pavement—the critical alt-rock darlings of the 1990s—is set to release a new, Moog-forward album, Groove Denied, on March 15. 8 Under-the-Radar Music... Read More »

Upgrade Your Boots Collection With 25% Off Rockport

It won’t be long now. Soon we’ll be able to pack away our big, heavy winter boots and bust out our favorite spring styles. Rockport wants to help you upgrade your spring boot collection by offering 25 percent off all boots—including an extra 25 percent off the ones already on sale. Since 1971, Rockport boots... Read More »

Pabst Blue Ribbon Is Debuting Its Own Whiskey This Summer

Pabst Blue Ribbon Is Debuting Its Own Whiskey This SummerThe next time you order a PBR at a bar, you might have to clarify what you mean: Pabst Blue Ribbon will soon release its very own whiskey, according to Food & Wine. In addition to the beloved, easily crushable light beer, the venerable brewer will release its whiskey sometime this summer, although the official... Read More »

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