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7 Weekend Weight Loss Blunders to Avoid

Do you and all your best intentions to lose weight say “TGIF!” the day before the weekend starts? Weekend weight gain is a real thing—and you know it. You get a grim reminder every Monday. If you still don’t believe it: Researchers at Cornell found that the majority of people weigh more on Sunday and... Read More »

7 Flat Belly Tips Straight from the Experts

7 Flat Belly Tips Straight from the ExpertsFitting into your favorite pair of jeans is possible with a few simple tips and tricks! Scientists call belly fat “subcutaneous,” which just means “under the skin.” But underneath that visible fat often lurks a hidden layer of fat, called visceral fat, made up of active cells that can trigger an inflammatory process in the... Read More »

The 10 Best Foods for Weight Loss (and Your Health!)

In our journey to better health, we hear a lot about the best foods for weight loss and ingredients we should be avoiding. By now, we’re all aware that foods with too much added sugar, salt and unhealthy fats are nutritional no-nos. But what about the best foods for weight loss that we should be... Read More »

10 Ways to Give Your Morning Oatmeal a Makeover

What if there was a magic meal that could help make your waist smaller, cholesterol lower and heart healthier? Enter oats. Oatmeal contains loads of a special fiber called beta-glucan. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, consuming just one and a half cups of oats containing this fiber daily can help lower your... Read More »

How Many Calories Should You Be Eating?

Fad diets seem like magic: Just eat lots of butter and bacon while skipping bread, or channel your inner cave-person, and you’ll lose weight—without cutting calories! Well, not really. When it comes to weight loss, there is no magic. There’s just math. And that math is calories: They’re a measure of how much energy your... Read More »

10 Things to Do at Dinner to Shed Pounds Faster

10 Things to Do at Dinner to Shed Pounds FasterSo we already told you about the best breakfast habits to melt pounds. And we shared what to do at lunch to speed up your weight loss. Heck, we even covered weekend and weekday weight loss to-dos. But if the last meal of the day is your biggest battleground, you really need help. Just home... Read More »

6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

You wake up tired in the morning, and find yourself fading even more by the afternoon. You wonder what it would take for you to have more energy. Boost your energy with these six simple tips: 1. Walk for 10 Minutes That’s all it takes to put a little more pep in your step: Scientists... Read More »

Lower Carb Versions of 10 Popular Meals

Lower Carb Versions of 10 Popular MealsSome carbs are good for you: They provide fuel for your body, nutrients to keep you healthy and fiber to help you lose weight. (Think: whole grains, beans and starchy veggies.) Other carbs, however, are not so good for you—like the kind found in white bread, pasta and rice. These refined versions can mess with... Read More »

10 Plant-Based Options for Meatless Meals Monday

10 Plant-Based Options for Meatless Meals MondayChili without beef? Absolutely! Tofu Tacos? Give it a shot. These meatless meals, inspired by some of your favorite dishes, are loaded with lean and hearty ingredients to keep your belly full and body energized. They are the perfect meals for Meatless Mondays, and they taste so good you may want them on Tuesday, too.... Read More »

5 Nutrients Your Body Needs More of This Winter

5 Nutrients Your Body Needs More of This WinterTo stay warm during the freezing season, you’ll need a coat, boots, hat, scarf and maybe even long underwear. To stay healthy, you’ll need a nutritional game plan. The right vitamins and nutrients not only help you resist the bacteria and viruses that cause colds and flu, but they also help ease symptoms of—or shorten... Read More »

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