6 Easy Ways to Lose Weight this Fall

If you’re like most people, your slim-down countdown commences on New Year’s Eve―and not a millisecond before. But really, by waiting until the new year to get started on the new you, you’re missing out on the best season for slimming―fall! This time of year is optimal for weight loss. Plus, by establishing a trim-down routine now, you’ll be well-equipped to handle the unhealthy holiday hurdles that will be here before you know it. Here are six easy ways to lose weight this fall. 1. Enjoy the great outdoors Summer,…

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Our Top 6 Fall Produce Picks

It’s officially autumn. And aside from cooler temps and shorter days, with fall comes a healthy harvest of tasty and nutritious produce. From root veggies to fabulous fall fruits, there are plenty of delicious options to fall for this season. Here are our top 6 fall produce picks: start incorporating them into your diet today. Pumpkin Scientifically named the Cucurbita pepo (“pepo” means “to ripen in the sun”), this quintessential fall favorite is good for more than decorating your front stoop. Pumpkin is an excellent source of vitamin A, which…

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10 Comfort Food Recipes That Taste Like Mom’s Home Cooking

Our favorite comfort foods bring us back to that happy place. They’re warm, hearty and flavorful, leaving us full and satisfied long after we’ve eaten. If only there were comfort food recipes that don’t hurt your weight loss progress or sacrifice flavor … Good news: You CAN enjoy the deep pleasures of comfort foods and stay on track to your weight loss goal. To help you get started, we’ve chosen our favorite Nutrisystem-approved comfort food recipes—each easy to make and perfect for your flex meals. Best of all, they’re so…

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8 Simple Swaps for a Healthier Fall

‘Tis the season for specialty foods and drinks! With so many enticing pumpkin and apple treats hitting the market, it’s hard not to get side-tracked from your healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, these kinds of foods pack more than just flavor—they dish out a lot of fat and calories, too. We’ve rounded up eight common offenders, along with some tips on how to make healthier choices so that you don’t feel like you have to miss out on your favorite fall fare. 1. Pumpkin Spiced Latte While it may be the…

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The 4 Worst People You Meet While Losing Weight

Time and again, research has suggested that our social relationships can have big bearing on our eating habits, physical activity and weight. According to a study published in the journal Obesity (Silver Springs) in 2014, folks who had the support of loved ones lost weight whereas those with family members who undermined their healthy habits tended to gain weight. Other studies have suggested that even coworkers can have an impact on weight-related habits. These findings suggest that if you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll want to be able to identify…

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Soup’s on: 16 Tasty Soup Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

Nothing warms your bones and fills your belly better on a chilly day than a piping hot bowl of tasty soup. These delicious recipes use a bounty of vegetables, lean meats and flavorful seasonings to create tasty soup to keep your taste buds happy and your diet on track. Who doesn’t love a good bowl of tasty soup after a long day? It’s a classic dish that has the ability to warm the soul on those chilly evenings. What’s even better? Tasty soup can be packed with plenty of  healthy…

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Pumpkin Palooza! 10 Pumpkin Recipes You Need in Your Life

If your motto this time of year is “All pumpkin everything,” this one’s for you. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite pumpkin recipes and created healthier versions of each. So you can enjoy the quintessential fall flavor without worrying about paying the price with extra pounds. Give these pumpkin recipes a go and let us know what you think. And be sure to check out the Recipe Center for more slimmed-down takes on your favorite seasonal staples! Helpful hint: Just click on the headlines of the pumpkin recipes to…

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