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How Long Should Your Long Run Be and Best Running Movie Q&A

New roundup of questions on running, half marathon training, running coach certification, my dating life, IT Band Syndrome and more! Ask me your question on Instagram or via email or voicemail! All these questions are answered via video and saved on the RER Instagram highlights too! Follow @RunEatRepeat on Instagram so you don’t miss anything!... Read More »

Shari lost 46 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Shari lost 46 pounds. Seeing her mother’s declining health made this mom of three realize just how devastating it would be for her children to lose her due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Embracing a plant-based diet and finding a love for boxing were critical to her transformation. Check out her journey.... Read More »

Alicia lost 55 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Alicia lost 55 pounds. Giving birth to her daughter inspired her to live a healthy life so that she could be an example. With her husband on board and with nutrition and fitness guidance from her coach, she has released the weight and found a love for running. Check out her... Read More »

Shawntia lost 19 pounds

Shawntia lost 19 poundsShawntia lost 19 pounds. She got great results by limiting her carb intake and going keto. Even though she has not achieved her ultimate goal, she is celebrating her progress. Check out her story. No related... Read More »

What I Love This Week

I hope James is taking notes (and not the kind that he’ll use to emancipate himself from me one day)... Read More »

Brittney lost 70 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Brittney lost 70 pounds by eating right and working out at home. She started her journey with the 10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge and Shawn T’s T25 workout program. Check out her story. No related... Read More »

Courtney lost 41 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Courtney lost 41 pounds. A co-worker’s success led her to investigate intermittent fasting. With alternate day fasting, she was able to drop the pounds without exercise. She learned the true power of calories in, calories out. Check out her journey. No related... Read More »

Sabrina lost 50 pounds

Sabrina lost 50 poundsSabrina lost 50 pounds. She learned that you don’t have to try every fad diet or do every crazy workout you see online to get results. Eating less and moving more worked for her. She tracked calories, tracked macronutrients and put in work at the gym. No related... Read More »

How to Stick To Your Beginner Running Program Tips from a Running Coach

How to Stick To Your Beginner Running Program Tips from a Running Coach4 Tips to Stick With Your Beginner Running Program from The Run Experience’s Coach Holly Today I have a great post full of tips on how to stick with your running plan – even when you want to quit – with Running Coach Holly. She’s an online coach from The Run Experience. I recently interviewed... Read More »

Meatless in March Challenge 2019

Our focus for March 2019 will be eating more plant-based, whole foods. Do you have to go completely Vegan or completely cut out meat for this challenge? NO! It’s up to you to decide just how meatless you want to go. Related posts: February 2019 – 21 Day Step Goal Challenge Meatless in March –... Read More »

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