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Diet For Fat Loss


Hello everyone, in this video we are showing you if you want to reduce your full body fat, you can go through with this diet, not only exercise you have to take balanced diet.

Hola a todos, en este video les mostramos si desea reducir su grasa corporal completa, puede continuar con esta dieta, no solo hacer ejercicio, debe llevar una dieta balanceada.

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3 Thoughts to “Diet For Fat Loss”

  1. Aryan Rana

    Thanks sir from Birmingham uk 🙏

  2. Rishabh saluja

    Can you tell me please, is it necessary to take only egg white. Can we eat whole egg that includes Yellow part.. please reply

  3. Dr Maskman

    Learn some basic things first
    Each 1gm fat gives you 9 kcal
    1gm protein 4kcal
    1gm carbo 4kcal
    But everything you take in excess gets metabolised to fatty acids in liver
    And urine SE konsa fat nikalte ho Bhai? Fat gets metabolised by oxidation

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