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Fat Loss Friday | Ketones & Gut Bacteria **audio gets better**


Happy Friday!

We’re going to review some fat-loss and metabolic research that emerged over the last few weeks.

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3 Thoughts to “Fat Loss Friday | Ketones & Gut Bacteria **audio gets better**”

  1. Jonay Perez

    You are damn right, I started Keto with no restricted feeding window and I put on 16 lb in a month , I incorporate IF ( 6 hours window feeding) I dropped all that weight and more. I’m at the rippest state I ever been…. I also found out I’m a lean mass hyper responder….

    It should work out for pretty much every body, but it requires hell of the discipline

  2. Leona Rose

    What is it with all the half naked click bait on the thumb nails. I’m seeing this theme spread across the male you tube channels. If the info is good you don’t have to sell out. Dr. Berg, keto connect and many others have a large loyal subscriber base without this. It’s also a display of narcasism.

  3. Seth Barcelo

    Love your content and information! Have you been able to get a coupon code for your Oura ring by chance? Been himing and hawing about getting one since you talked about it a few videos back.

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