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Focusing on FOOD | Diet For Healthy Fat Loss | WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY


SW: 251.2
CW: 226.2
Lost: 25lbs
Goal: Sexy mofo with all muscles lifting all of de weights. And I’d honestly like to compete in a bodybuilding comp & Powerlifting comp one day

Thanks for watching 😘😘😘

Making it easy for the stalkers yo 😜
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3 Thoughts to “Focusing on FOOD | Diet For Healthy Fat Loss | WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY”

  1. Bianca Lagana

    Girl your looking great! Loveeee you!

  2. Gina Schlitz

    You definitely look smaller! 2 fruits with lunch, avocado is fruit too.

  3. Kimberly Soracco

    It’s refreshing to see a full day of eating for weight loss without a bunch of β€œfitspo” food like quest chips, Walden farms, etc. You’re eating whole foods and not scarfing down a bunch of chemicals and sugar alcohols. I have so much respect for you and I’m glad to finally find someone I can relate to eating wise.

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