Iberá National Park Is Now the Largest Nature Park in Argentina

There’s a new national park you should add to your travel list: Iberá National Park has been established by the Argentine Congress, creating what is the largest nature park in Argentina, according to Tompkins Conservation.



The area comprises nearly 395,000 acres, which adds to the 1.3-million-acre Iberá Provincial Park already established nearby. The combined 1.76-million acres includes a wide range of natural areas, beautiful landscapes, and animals, including 4,000 species of flora and fauna, freshwater wetlands complexes, as well as habitats of water, grasslands, and forests.

“Today is a day to celebrate,” said Kristine Tompkins, president of Tompkins Conservation. “For the wildlife at home here, for the people of Argentina, and for future generations who will experience this amazing landscape’s beauty and biodiversity, the new park’s designation is a great victory.”

In the coming decade, the new park is expected to have over 100,000 visitors per year.

“After many years of work, the vision of the people of Corrientes and Doug Tompkins to create Iberá National Park is finally fulfilled,” said Sofía Heinonen, Executive Director of CLT Argentina. “With the proclamation of this new National Park, together with the neighboring Provincial Park, the natural and cultural heritage of Iberá is fully protected. The result is a world-class tourist attraction for birding and wildlife watching.”

Here’s a look at the park:

Iberá National Park / Tompkins Conservation
Iberá National Park / Tompkins Conservation
Iberá National Park / Tompkins Conservation
Iberá National Park / Tompkins Conservation

Check out more about the park here from Tompkins Conservation.

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