Orange County Fair 5K Race Discount and 5K Training Plan

Hello! If you love running and eating as much as I do you should consider running a 5K and going to the fair… Remember last year I had corn dogs and deep fried watermelon?! Fairs have epic food. And I have a great discount for the OC Fair 5K Fun Run!

So if you’re in the Orange County area – sign up, use the code, run, eat and repeat. Boom.

will run for funnel cake (1) (800x800)

The race is August 5th in Costa Mesa, CA.

It’s about 5 weeks away!! And as a bonus I’m sharing the 5 week 5K training plan I made for a friend! Boom.

  • Discount – check
  • Training plan – check
  • Hunger for funnel cake – check

You’re all set!


OC Fair Fun Run 5K Discount

Register for the OC Fair 5K and save with discount code: RUNEATREPEAT15OFF


OC Fair 5K giveaway (2)



And you can use this training plan that starts this week and ends with the 5K August 5th…

I created this 5 week training plan for a 5K for one of my friends. It times up perfectly with the OC Fair 5K so I put the dates of the beginning of each week on the calendar.

Get the PDF Printable 5 week 5K Training Plan here.

5 week 5K Training Plan:


5 week 5K Training Plan for OC 5K race



And if you’re on board make sure to use the discount code when you register!

OC Fair 5K Discount Code : RUNEATREPEAT15OFF



OC Fair 5K discount


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