Run Eat Repeat Instagram Questions – A Podcast

Run Eat Repeat Instagram Questions – A Podcast

Hello! Here are the latest questions I’ve received this week from my Instagram stories question box. You can ask me a question @RunEatRepeat on Instagram  or in the comments below! These questions hit all different bases from increasing speed and mileage to those Nuun electrolyte tablets. I recorded them for IGTV – so they’re available on video and audio on the Run Eat Repeat podcast.

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Or watch the question and answer session on the @RunEatRepeat IGTV channel –

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1. Will you come to Oklahoma and help me be a better runner?

I’d love to run a race with you in OK!


2. ( This one got cut off. )


3. How do I increase my pace and increase my mileage at the same time?

A: It’s important to be smart about it to become a better faster runner but not get injured or burnt out. Find a training plan that will guide you to increase mileage and incorporate speed work. Remember the 10% rule – don’t increase your mileage more than 10% per week.


4. Where do I get those Nuun tablets you posted about yesterday?

A: Nuun is a great sports drink for running, workouts and in this case dehydration.

Nuun Tablets Variety Pack

I also love Spark for hydration and a great pick-me-up!

My favorites are the Spark Mango Strawberry and Spark Limeade

spark drink workout running energy and electrolyte

You can also get them in Spark Stick Packs to take them on the go. I always have some in my purse and gym bag.

spark stick packs coupon


5. Are you still moving? Do you speak Spanish? I do a little bit.

A: Yes it’s in the works!


6. School’s back in! Don’t forget to thank your custodian. (for your mom)

A: My mom’s a teacher and I helped her set up the classroom for this new school year.


7. What’s the secret to your amazing eyebrows?

A: I try not to pluck them myself and get them dyed or color them in. I’m a natural redhead and my brows are naturally lighter than my hair – so they’re a strawberry blonde color. So I define them with an eyebrow pencil and brow gel.

My favorite eyebrow pencil and brow gels:

Eyebrow pencil in Auburn by Anastasia of Beverly Hills

Maybelline eyebrow pencil in Auburn

Revlon ColorStay eyebrow pencil in Auburn

For Blonde Hair – this Taupe brow pencil is great

Eyebrow gel in Auburn by Anastasia of Beverly Hills

Eyebrow gel / mascara by Maybelline in Auburn


8. Would you consider doing / training for a triathlon?

A:  I like the idea of it and I’d love to be a better athlete but I think it’s a very expensive sport so probably not. I don’t want to buy a fancy bike and wetsuit and all that stuff. And I don’t know how or really want to learn how to change a bike tire.


9. Before the blog took off – what did you do for work?

A: I worked at Starbucks then for a recruiting company as a researcher and did internships at a cable news station and news station in Los Angeles.


10. If not a beer mile or wine mile…. margarita mile!!?!

A: Too soon!


11. How do you get back into running after your first marathon?

A: Make if fun again!


12. Which October marathon are you running? Ventura? It’s going to be my first full marathon!

A: Maybe Lace Up Ventura or there’s also the Long Beach Marathon and St. George in October!

Lexus Lace Up Race Discount Code


13. Have you done the Marine Corps Marathon?

A: I loved the Marine Corps Marathon!! Check out my recap and video here:

Marine Corps Marathon expo

Marine Corps Marathon race recap / review

Marine Corps Marathon video clips


>>> Then, the video cut me off abruptly … so I’ll answer the rest of the questions soon!


If you have a question for me… Leave it in the comments or

Email –

or call – 562 888 1644

or leave it in the @RunEatRepeat Instagram stories or my DMs!

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Thank you!

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