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The World’s Best Under-the-Radar Trekking Destinations

There are plenty of reasons why people enjoy hiking and trekking. Some do it for the thrill of setting a goal and overcoming a challenge. For others, it’s all about the simple pleasure of being immersed in the great outdoors and soaking in the natural wonders around them. Regardless of the motivation, chasing the winding trails of a far-flung destination is one of the best ways to decompress, reconnect, and quench a thirst for adventure.



When it comes to the most epic treks on earth, a handful of bucket list favorites immediately come to mind, like climbing Patagonia’s snow-covered peaks or traversing the diverse landscapes of Yosemite National Park. However there are plenty of lesser known trails that are just as worthy of a visit. Here, 10 of the best under-the-radar trekking destinations to keep in mind for the next time you answer the call of the wild.

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