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Top 5 Easy WEIGHT LOSS Tips (Fat Loss Fast NO Meal Plan Explained – BONUS)


Top 5 Best Ways & How to Lose Weight Tips Explained Fat Loss Diet Meal Plan Weight Loss Fast Plan Easy Full Body Transformation

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3 Thoughts to “Top 5 Easy WEIGHT LOSS Tips (Fat Loss Fast NO Meal Plan Explained – BONUS)”

  1. Thi Huynh

    At the end of the video, it cuts off in the middle of you talking. I love it when you show the different exercises you do for each muscle group. Tips on rep and set quantity in the future vids would be hooked up. Thank you and Eduardo for the great content!

  2. Dylan

    Hey everyone so i wanted to ask anyone who knows anything about loose skin or excess skin to try and answer my question, I’ve been really worried about loose skin lately and i was just wondering if i would have loose skin, When i started my weight loss i started at 285 and now im down to 263 and im still going hard, and im 15 years old, also another quick topic i have a tone of sttetch marks on my stomach area and im just wonding if those will go away? thanks guys!

  3. xResourceHD

    Great video pat! Keep the videos coming, very entertaining and useful

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